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The Far Field began in the fall of 2014 primarily as a vehicle for the songwriting of Jon Borcherding. Jon spent half a lifetime playing in folk, punk and country rock bands in the US and Scandinavia. After a long hiatus, Jon returned to music and songwriting in 2014. He was soon joined by Ted LeCompte on keyboards. Ted brought with him years of experience playing piano in musical theater and lending his accordion playing to folk groups from Ohio to Washington to Texas, his original home state.

Jon and Ted form the core of The Far Field, persisting through 2 years of changing line-ups that have included some really great local talent. The band continues to evolve and draw in new players to accompany them on stage and in the studio.

With simple, folksy melodies and lyrics that employ images from nature, The Far Field’s music and lyrics explore a wide range of topics with a mildly cynical wit that makes them both familiar and entertaining. Multiple layers of meaning reward the attentive listener and catchy choruses stick to the brain like lyrical glue.


Jon Borcherding started playing guitar at the tender age of 11 and soon discovered that music theory was terribly tedious, so he wrote some songs instead.

That was fun, so he wrote some more songs. One of them was featured on a record. Then he turned 13 and all hell broke loose. Fast forward a few quick decades and Jon is still writing songs, mildly eccentric and loaded with myth and metaphor. He combines a poet’s sensibilities with a construction worker’s lexicon. Jon’s songs have been compared to the work of Townes Van Zandt and Neil Young.

One of the aforementioned decades was spent in Bergen Norway where Jon gigged and recorded with ensembles as diverse as punk band, PanikFabrik, country rock band The Barn Dance Co. and a folk rock band, Stormwindows, which released the album, “No Offence”, on German label, Glitterhouse Records in 1996.

Jon returned to the USA in 1998, moved to the country and became a dog trainer. Sometimes his guitar would gather dust between songs. In 2013 the loss of Jon’s father was the event that spurred him to pick up the guitar again.

“Pouring myself into playing the guitar was a way to deal with the sorrow of losing my Dad”, he recalls. “One day I found myself playing an old song of mine that had been my Dad’s favorite, Dusty Gravel Road. I was crying by the time I finished the song. I could feel the grief oozing out of me like some kind of toxic sweat. I kept using the guitar this way. To get out all the pain. Pretty soon I felt better, then I started writing songs again. I think I wrote more songs in a week then I had written in the previous 15 years. Most of those songs were crap, but I think some of ‘em were pretty good. One of them made it on to this record.”

Ted LeCompte plays piano, organ, accordion and sings. Ted arrived in Washington from Texas via Ohio, an unusual route but one that had him playing in a number of folk acts and also several years of musical theater. When Ted isn’t playing and singing in The Far Field he likes to design schools with a Tacoma architect firm.

Graham Hammond is a Burien, WA resident who has played bass guitar in numerous Northwest bands including Pavlov’s Dogs. There is a hint of conspiracy in the fact that producer Caleb Baker also played in this band. Graham is currently shaking the floor for Star Anna and occasionally takes on marathon recording sessions with random people in the backwoods of Washington. He’s fun that way!

Ben Johnston is another Burien native with a colorful past in the northwest music scene, having drummed for a bunch of bands including local blues legends, Smoking Gun. Ben has known bass player, Graham since early childhood and they really should only come as a matched set. They play together like siblings, but without… you know… that sibling thing. Yeah!

Melissa Guthrie is a singer/songwriter with a band of her own, The Missy G Band. Missy and her husband and bassist John Guthrie travel all over the northwest every summer with the band. Last winter Melissa and John took some time off from their cattle ranch to help out with The Far Field’s recording project. Melissa’s singing graces every song on this album and John lends us his bass playing on 3 of the tracks.

Bronwyn Haggerty

Maggie Booher

Four of the songs on the album feature strings arranged by John Eagle, a composer, performer, sound designer, and teacher living in Los Angeles. John had worked with Caleb on earlier projects as had Maggie Booher, an accomplished violinist who teaches violin at the Annie Wright Schools in Tacoma. Maggie also plays in the popular folk rock band The Cloves. Maggie introduced us to cellist Bronwyn Haggerty, another extremely talented young musician who among other things is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Cello at Carnegie Mellon University.

Dave Harmonson is a well-known pedal-steel guitar player with a storied past in the country music of the region. A singer and songwriter in his own right, Dave can be heard most any night playing solo or with one of the many country bands he plays with.

Caleb Baker ran Troubadour Studio in Portland Oregon from 2007 to 2013 when he moved to Washington and opened the studio he calls The Track Shack. Caleb’s official title is producer, but he prefers to be known as recording engineer/mixer/wielder of the wrecking ball of doom. In addition to performing all the tasks consistent with his humble title, Caleb also does backing vocals on a couple of songs.

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The Far Field is currently working with award winning fiddle player, Rachael Shaman. We are looking at getting back into the studio this spring to record some new songs. We have local shows coming up soon! Like us on Facebook to see where and when we are performing.

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